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Download the TZWL-eBulletin No. 14 now!

eB14 NUMFor builders and interested customers seeking for knowledge about residential venitlation units, the current >> eBulletin No. 14 is ready to be downloaded, available in English for the first time. This eBulletin consists of a listing of tested residential ventilation units, tested according to German and European regulations and standards. We from TZWL offer the most comprehensive eBulletin so far - cost-free for planners and builders.


We did not spare any efforts and not only included the new testings standards EN 13141-7 and the German LüA 21-1 into our listing of tested residential ventilation units, but also provide information about the EcoDesign-Labels, which are obligatory for residential ventilation units sold in the EU. Thus you compare about 200 different units with test results according to German and European standards.

Label Blueprint, Source: EU-Commission


The most important extension of our eBulletin is the inclusion of >> EcoDesign-Labels, colour-coded logos for the efficiency classes A+ to G. With the eBulletin, planners and builders can compare this classification of annual energy saving potential of ventilation units with a multitude of technical characteristics and unit performances.


Ducted residential ventilation units are currently tested according to the LüA 21-1 in Germany, as well as according to European standard EN 13141-7. We therefore implement these regulations in the lists. Further information about how to read and understand the test results can be found in the explanatory notes - Appendix A.


Download the brand new eBulletin No. 14 now:

Download the new eBulletin No. 14 now: