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The purpose of is to strengthen energy politics and also interlink it with the commercial policy of the swiss cantons.

Energy engineering related measures and economy promotional activities are being supported and synergies created.

In the fields of comfort airing lists declared ventilation devices. This declaration was elaborated within the framework Innovationsgruppe Komfortlüftung (innovations group comfort airing) by round about 40 swiss manufacturers/sellers and with the support of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) and is aligned with actual european standards.

Verein Komfortlüftung (association for comfort ventilation)

The spreading of comfort ventilation devices is the aim of the nonprofit organisation komfortlü Healthy, fresh air in apartments,

school buildings, preschools and offices not only raises the wellbeing, but also increases the healthiness and overall performance of the people.

The transfer of informations regarding energy conservation and the ecological advantages of a comfort ventilation device compared with standard window airing are esential tasks of our association.

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