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Information Portal Domestic Ventilation
"Your first steps into controlled domestic ventilation. With simple explanations, extensive testing data and a device search!"

Just a normal day:

Approximately 28.880 times breathed in and out...

Teeth brushed in the morning and in the evening...

Coffee done...

9 plants watered...

Diner cooked...

and so on...

According to the latest calculations, this means in the given case: 12,3 liters of water need to be ventilated out of the room, to keep the air-quality on a good level.

In order to do this, the windows have to be opened 13 times half-hourly for about 5 minutes. An ambitious task!

And humidity is only one aspect of air-quality. You need to remove stale air as well.

Controlled ventilation keeps the air-quality on the optimal level, even in the absence of residents. Controlled ventilation relieves us from the duty of constant window airing. The techniques and advantages of controlled ventilation are highly diverse: In combination with heat recovery, it is possible to save extra energy while airing. "Single room" or centralised ventilation?
Discover the fitting techniques for your needs here!

TWZL's "Information Portal Domestic Ventilation" gives its visitors an understanding of the technique of controlled residential ventilation - online, free-to-read, independent and especially easy to understand.

TZWL e. V. expands its information portfolio, besides the established
>>TZWL-eBulletin, with an online information portal with a lot of features, for visitors with varying prior knowledge.

Download the TZWL-eBulletin for free!
The 'TZWL-eBulletin' is established in circles of experts and for governmental and regional funds in Germany. It contains a compact list of tested residential ventilation devices with their testing data alongside with the necessary explanations. The eBulletin is made to download, pass on and discuss.
Catch up with the technology of controlled residential ventilation!
We have answers for the 10 most recent questions! Starting with: "Why do I have to air my room?" through to cost-benefit analysis, simply explained.
Coming soon in english language! Klick here for german version
Search our database LümoW for suitable ventilation devices!
Designed as 'Direct Search', 'Expert Search' or 'Guided Search', there is an appropriate search tool for every visitor fitting his personal prior knowledge.
This way you find a device that fits your demands.
Coming soon in english language! Klick here for german version
Choose a manufacturer from the list and inform about its devices!
Our list gives you a direct access to the portfolio of a selected manufacturer.
Beginning here, you explore the detail pages of tested devices with testing data and technical specs.
Coming soon in english language! Klick here for german version
Residential ventilation in Europe!
Check out the information, our European partners have prepared for you. This list will be extended from time to time. If you think you should be part of it: Contact us!

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