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eBulletin Nr. 14 – Listing of residential ventilation units with or without heat recovery

With the latest eBulletin No. 14, the first eBulletin available in English, the TZWL e. V. (European Testing Center for Domestic Ventilation) offers an overview as well as detailed information about a multitude of residential ventilation units (RVUs) available in the German and European market.

The TZWL-eBulletin is regarded as an information tool and as basis for regional funding programmes in Germany, Austria and Italy. The eBulletin contains test results of ducted and non-ducted (single room) residential ventilation units according to German as well as European legislation - namely the German DIBt-Approvals and -tests according to LüA 20 and LüA 21, the Passive House certificates, but also EN 13141-7 tests. Test results can be used by planners and builders to inform themselves about the quality of a unit and the suitability for their purposes.

Since the publishing of the eBulletin No. 11, the first cost-free downloadable eBulletin, the European market of residential ventilation units has not only expanded vastly but also diversified. New techniques and improving efficiency rates are making ventilation units an essential part of sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings and dwellings.


Taking these developments into account, the listing of residential ventilation units in the eBulletin No. 14 is divided into four appendixes:


  • Ventilation units with DIBt-Approvals (LüA 20; LüA 21) - Appendix B
  • Ventilation units with pending DIBt-Approvals (LüA 20; LüA 21) - Appendix C
  • Ventilation units with EN 13141-7 test results - Appendix D
  • Ventilation units with EN 13141-7 test results - Appendix E
  • Ventilation units with PHI certificates - Appendix F


These lists help finding the fitting units for individual building projects, learning about features and efficiency of RVUs and comparing these with guidelines of funding bodies. Test results are taken from official test reports drafted basing on tests conducted by German test laboratories for residential ventilation units, including TZWL.


Depending on the test regulation or standard, either the >> Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt, German Institute for Construction), the >> Passive House Institute (PHI) or the >> European Committee for Standardization (CEN) determine the test procedure and the test parameters. The listings include many features and test parameters such as technical characteristics, volume flows or heat recovery rates.

The TZWL-eBulletin No. 14 is embedded in the >> Information Portal Domestic Ventilation. RVUs listed in the eBulletin, which are also visible in the Information Portal, are marked with a direct link to the detail page, where users can find additional information about the unit and manufacturers' contacts.

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Please note:

Listing last updated: 12.10.2018


The eBulletin will be updated regularly!


To be up to date with newly listed ventilation units, it is advisable to regularly check for updates to our eBulletin.


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